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I am passionate about digital design and all the possibilities it has to influence products in the future. I get very excited about up and coming advancements in technology. I can’t wait to get involved in the interface and experience design of these technologies by making the applications easy, engaging and fun by design.

Below you can see some projects I’ve worked on lately. The way I approach projects is I divide each one into four areas: comprehensive research / strategy, wireframing, design & development. This process allows me to create great products with client goals in mind.

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I have 10 years experience designing and creating digital experiences, 3 of which working within an agency environment. I come with a particularly broad skill set and specialize in design, art direction, creative concepting and strategic design.

I put people at the heart of the design process – from brief to execution. By understanding user goals, and measuring against those goals, I aim to deliver top notch designs which not only look stunning, but delivers task completion with ease and maybe even a dash of happiness.

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