Nice To See You!

My name is Dana – I’m a seasoned designer passionate about my craft. I’m driven by the need to better understand our ongoing relationship with technology, in pursuit of creating experiences that excite and provide value. I specialize in creating experiences that provide inherent value and have a distinct personality.

Be Curious and Naive

By understanding and researching user goals, and measuring against those goals, I aim to deliver top notch designs and approachable experiences which not only look stunning but delivers task completion with ease and even a dash of happiness leaving a memorable impression.

Be Humble

I put people at the heart of the design process – from brief to execution. My experience has taught me the importance of relationships, be it interpersonal or conceptual, in developing design solutions based on empathy.

Be Human

In parallel, I identify relationships between user needs and business goals, distilling connections in complex systems while keeping user insights in focus, to meet goals and lead teams to success. I have a wealth of experience in UX/UI, creative leadership, branding, product development, working across small and large organizations with proven results.

Enough about me, here are some projects I’ve worked on