The Difference

Most designers have some understanding of the tools they’re using and basic layout ideas. What I’ve found separates me from many of the designers I’ve encountered is the perspective I bring to any job born of my variety of experiences.

Understanding & working with different personalities
Clients have their own distinct personality and way of doing business. Whether intense or laid back, strong-willed or mild-mannered, I understand their various perspectives which lead to creating successful and impactful work.

Strategic development
A design is a piece of a greater whole, a bigger idea. That’s why I take every opportunity to get involved with strategic development. Having a holistic view of the end goal is an integral part of the design process and it puts even the most minor design changes or requests invaluable context.

Different platforms, final design product
As a designer, visualizing the final product from all angles and dimensions is critical. I’ve consciously worked in many design disciplines: UX/UI, graphic, visual, web, mobile, and print. Staying ahead of emerging and changing technology is always an exciting part of being a creative designer.

Building and uniting teams
Throughout my professional career, managing people, projects and clients, I’ve learned that despite fast-paced and changing environments, team members need to come together for the common goal: high quality and innovative work.

Just as three-dimensional drawings illustrate the depth and establish the position of one object in relation to others, in the end, all positions come to a central point. In addition to my skills and talent, I’ve learned to be that point.

It’s not hard to find a designer to put images on a page. But I provide perspective.

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