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Lead UX/UI Designer

The Situation

I was the only designer on the AWS team when they went through a site redesign. The main site housed 4 different departments each with their own objectives and services they provided. The challenge was making a flexible framework that would satisfy all departments needs and wants.

I collaborated with Project Managers and stakeholder teams on developing landing pages and a flexible UX framework for all the products under the Amazon services umbrella. I created final designs including high-fidelity, pixel-perfect screenshots to gain executive approval for the site development. Also, I updated the UX guidelines with polished images, redline/visual specifications and expected rules of control usage and interaction.

The Approach

This was my first exposure to a waterfall process which proved to be challenging at the beginning but I adjusted my tactics and approach along the way to adapt. With this process, things moved very fast so I had to accommodate that during design rounds. I set up bi-weekly meetings with all stakeholders (15 in total) to review wireframes and design decisions. I then would take feedback and adjust the designs and present to the group again. In the end, this proved to be a very painful and tedious process. After some lengthy discussions about the websites objectives and priorities, the stakeholders and I were able to come up with a flexible framework that met all their needs. I’m proud of this project because of the fact that this website has stayed live for many years, proving that the flexible framework that I designed was able to be easily updated and adapt.

Before & Afters

I was unable to take away any of the wireframing or initial design work due to very strict NDA’s. What I do have is before and after screens showing all that changed and how the new design looks.



The Results

  • 17.8% increase in subpage traffic
  • 12% increase in total traffic to the main AWS site