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The Situation

The Plusco app is a new generation business social networking application that includes a mobile app and a web platform. The main idea is to have a  digital platform to replace the use of business cards with a multimedia business card, to provide better business social networking experiences, and to promote effective teamwork and collaboration.

The Approach

I was hired as a consultant to lead the UX design efforts and team for this app. My team was made up of a jr. designer, PM and two developers. This was a 16-week long project focusing on User Centric Design and User Research. We approached this project with a very collaborative agile methodology, moving fast and very iterative. The team itself was spread across the country so we had to have an open line of communication and be very transparent with our actions and daily assignments. What made this project a joy to work on was the owners being receptive to user feedback and the openness to pivot when we needed to. The open lines of communication and initiating a daily scrum standup made for a pretty seamless design and development process with limited hiccups and roadblocks. Below you will find a complete process & design overview of this project.

The Challenge

How to improve the current business networking experience

Key App Features


Initial Research


User Research / Interviews

First, we looked at how typical business networking works with the different platforms/methods. After we looked through that data, we came up with a set of questions to ask a user group. Since mostly everyone does business networking we decided to do a guerilla-style approach to this research and just approach people on the street and ask them to participate. This approach yielded some great results and candid answers.

Interviews: Visitors on the street, grouped by age.
Number of participants: 34

Our Research Findings


Objectives From Research


Brainstorming / Whiteboarding Sessions


Information Architecture


Prototype Iterations


Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Final Prototype Screens


Final Deliverables