Video Hero


PeaceHealth Hospitals, BPTV


2005, 2011



The Situation

These are some examples of the video production I have done over the years. I produced, shot and edited these pieces. The first set is videos I made while working as Media Specialist at PeaceHealth Hospital. These were used for internal and external advertising purposes. The third example is local commercials I made in Reno, NV while working as editor and cameraman at BPTV.

The Approach

My approach to video production is very similar to other design processes with the main difference being all the questions, planning all have to be done before you start shooting. I would work with my clients to understand what they want to achieve with the video and have them fill out a detailed brief. I would set up planning meetings to go over the script and locations of the shoot. Once we had a firm understanding of the objectives and interviews it was all about planning the days of the shoot. Arriving early to get enough B-roll for the editing of the piece, setting up the locations with lighting and sound equipment and making sure the shot looks great on screen. After the shooting, I would take the footage back to the editing booth and start to layout the story. Working with B-roll and timing to tell the narrative of the piece whether it be a commercial or an interview. The final stage would be presenting to the client to make sure the piece satisfies their objectives and KPI’s.

Spirit of Healing - Cottage Grove and Eugene caregivers
PeaceHealth CareConnect promotional video

The Results

  • Promotional pieces used for commercial use company promotions
  • Local commercial helped drive more business due to exposure and brand awareness