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Lead Designer

The Situation

Starbucks digital team would have weekly campaign/sales initiatives that would need to go out via email. I was the lead designer on the digital web team at the time focusing mostly on the email side of the house. Each email could have up to four different initiatives that had to be highlighted and designed, each with a different stakeholder.

The Approach

I would meet with the stakeholders and clients to understand their needs and KPI’s per campaign. The information for each email would be curated by a PM who then, in turn, would share the brief with me. We would sit down and do a content hierarchy exercise determining which pieces would be highlighted in the emails. Each piece would get assigned a timeline as far as creative rounds and feedback due dates. I would start the design process after meeting with the clients or stakeholders to curate their vision.  After final sign off I would code the emails and send to the campaign team for delivery. These had very tight deadlines and turnaround time going to a send list of 4-5 million.

Summer Drinks With Friends Email
We Love Wednesdays Chicago Email
Icecream Javachip Pint Email
We Love Wednesdays Chicago Email

The Results

  • Increased open rates from 10% to 13.92%
  • Increased Click Through rate from 5.80% to 6.72%